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 Numéro 4, January 2007


Usually for the holiday season, I only decorate the house. This year I decided against all odds to get a Christmas tree. I wanted all my friends to dig in my ornaments and garlands boxes and to dress up the tree while drinking champagne. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? We had a fabulous time, laughing and joking, hanging purple stars and fuzzy pink snowballs, without specific design plan to say the least! I realized that some of my friends, who are of course all fabulous people, nevertheless, were getting nervous about how messy and mismatched it looked and wondering how I could really like it.

Every morning I look at my tree and I smile. I put the lights on at night, and I smile. I talk about my tree to my clients and to my friends and my family. I now write about my tree! It reminds me of this beautiful moment we all spent together, with all our differences, and our beauties. For me, this Christmas tree shines like Love: it is actually just perfect.

Say NO to the Ornament Police: Happy 2007!!!

Love & Blessings,
Catherine Grison

PS: Watch An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore documentary. It is an emergency!


Mon voyage à Paris (Part 2)


At the beginning of 2006 I was thinking of a few good friends I lost for no reason. Sure enough, they reappeared in my life and I saw them in November.

Sandra, my best friend from elementary school, moved to Africa with her parent when she was 11. After that we wrote to each other for a few months and that was it. We met aux Marronniers, great bistro 18 rue des Archives: we talked for three hours straight! Nothing awkward, nothing hidden. We were actually amazed to discover how much we did not know each other's life when we were kids. In order to conform and above all protect ourselves, we used to always show the smiling flat side of us. Now we are adult and we healed. We allow ourselves to just be and speak our truth, with our strengths, our difficulties, our wounds, our victories and we share the same desire to grow. Sandra and I finally really met, so many years later!

Elima (“The one who walks”) is another beautiful person I re-met in Paris. I knew him under the name of Dely Doh, singer and performer of the African scene of the late 80s. One day, despite his entourage, he felt his life was lonely and meaningless. He needed a change, and after several strange coincidences he went on a spiritual trip in India. He came back with a mission! Since then he is the catalyst of a multicultural spiritual network helping people find their own path. While visiting him, I met an African Griot, a healer, a Feng Shui consultant, and a clairvoyant! Elima also created a unique technique of African dance based on the spiritual and psychological anchoring of the being. He has taught workshops using his methods in France and Belgium with therapists and physiotherapists. Needless to tell you I will organize some workshops in the USA soon…

I could tell you more but this newsletter is not a blog yet!

Jasmin Zorlu’s OBI FEDORA CAP

Jasmin Zorlu, a young designer who lived all over the world from Germany to Iceland and used to sell her creations to Nike or Barney’s New York, designed and hand made this reversible form-fitting Fedora Cap only for you! Her inspiration comes from a classic fedora and two different Parisian Firefighter's caps.
Your French Accent's Insight :
Keep your Crown Chakra warm and support sustainability! We decided to make this limited-edition of the cap from a reclaimed vintage Japanese Obi and a cut of heavy hemp denim. Rain-resistant if you wear the denim outside, comfy and stylish, this reversible cap can be worn by both women and men. Eh oui! Finally my male readers are really happy!
Jasmin Zorlu’s Fedora Cap for Your French Accent: 
To enquire & purchase, contact Your French Accent
Hurry: there is just enough fabric to make 5 caps! Each cap will be entirely hand-made in California, only for you. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Allow 2 weeks for production.
Evelyne Consorti : WALKING ON WATER

Evelyne Consorti is a French artist based in the San Francisco Peninsula. Last summer when I first met her, I immediately knew she was the artist I was looking for to create this exclusive Feng Shui series. I asked her to give it a try and voilą! After the lively KOI FISH of my December Newsletter, here is Walking On Water, a subtle and however incredibly powerful piece of art!

Your French Accent's Insight:
While she conceived and painted Walking on Water, Evelyne Consorti focused her intention on the fact that everything is possible to the human being. The grayish blue and back colors embody the moving water, symbol of an ever flowing Communication and Abundance. The horizontal lines, that somewhat evoke the architecture of the Ba Gua hexagrams, represent the Path we build. The stepping stones are made of silver Chinese ritual paper to symbolize the Wealth and the Light coming along the way. Despite its irregularity the Path is set for the walker to reach the destination, and enjoy the walk. Do yourself a favor, buy this painting now. Then set your detailed goal and hang the painting in the Kan (career and path) or Hsun (Wealth) Gua of your home. It will help you remembering you can always make it. Because only you draw your path.

 WALKING ON WATER – 24”x24” –
Acrylic and Chinese paper collage on canvas
Black, Grey, Blue, Silver
Original painting. No print available.
To enquire & purchase, contact Your French Accent

A gift certificate from Your French Accent is the most thoughtful and delightful present. Your friends and relatives can apply it for an on-site or online consultation, a special blessing or to buy in my boutique! And it looks so much better than these plastic gift cards you find everywhere!

 To purchase, contact Your French Accent
Et voilà ! Next month, I will unveil for you plenty of great inspirational gifts!
Tell others about this newsletter! Visit my website to discover the palette of my activities. If you are looking for something specific, even commissioned jewelry or art, feel free to contact me. I have secret resources!

Au revoir...
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